November 18, 2023

The Fitness Game-Changer Worn by Kohli


Image Credits: WHOOP

Hey tech buffs and cricket fans!

Have you spotted Virat Kohli wearing a sleek green band during the India vs. New Zealand semi-final? That's the 'Whoop' band. This fitness tracker isn’t even available in India yet. Interestingly, Virat Kohli isn’t being paid to wear it. And it's not just Virat; other Indian cricketers have also been seen sporting the Whoop band during the Cricket World Cup.

Whoop is this popular fitness band that caught the attention of top athletes, with LeBron James and Michael Phelps among the first to get on the Whoop train. By 2020, the company's value soared to a massive $1.2 billion, partly fueled by famous investors like golfer Rory McIlroy, NFL's Patrick Mahomes, and NBA's Kevin Durant. It's been around for a while, focusing on tracking your recovery after workouts. But it really hit the spotlight during the pandemic. That's when folks started using it in studies to see if gadgets like this could help predict illnesses, including COVID-19. Suddenly, Whoop wasn't just for athletes; it was making headlines everywhere.

It's small, and there are several ways to wear it. You can put it on your wrist or arm, and it's so lightweight, you'll hardly notice it's there. The cool part is that Whoop has a range of workout clothes designed with special pockets just for the tracker. So, you can slide it into your leggings, underwear, or even onto special bands for your arms or knees. It's all about monitoring your fitness comfortably, without the hassle of carrying extra equipment.

The Whoop 4.0 is like a mini powerhouse. It's about a third smaller than the older model, but they've packed in even more stuff - like five tiny lights, sensors, and a gadget to check your body heat. Plus, it's got this new battery that's stronger than the one before.

Video Credits: WHOOP

While the Whoop band itself doesn't come with an extra charge, there is a catch: a monthly fee of about $30. Additionally, you're required to commit to at least 12 months after your initial 30 days with WHOOP. If you opt for the annual (12-month) membership at $239 or the 24-month membership at $399, you'll need to pay the full amount upfront.

Why is the Whoop band a big deal? For star athletes like Virat Kohli, it's priceless. It gives them the info they need to train hard but smart. For the rest of us, it's super handy for staying fit, whether we're training for a race or just chasing after the kids. The Whoop band isn't just about looking sporty.

There's always something new on the horizon, and I'll be right here to bring you the latest and greatest. Keep an eye out, and let's continue this journey of fitness and health together! 🏋️‍♂️💡🔋




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