January 18, 2024

5 Surprising Personal Finance Tips You've Never Heard Before!


Hello, savvy savers! 💰

Today, I've got some fresh, lesser-known personal finance tips that might just change the way you handle your money. These aren't your typical "skip the coffee shop" suggestions. Get ready for some real gems that could turn your financial world upside down—in the best way possible!

1. Turn Your Hobby into a Tax Deduction

Are you a weekend chef, a craft enthusiast, or a tech tinkerer? In India, turning your hobby into a side business can not only bring in extra income but also offer potential tax deductions for related expenses. Remember, the key here is to maintain proper records to show that your hobby is now a budding business.

2. Create Goal-Based Savings Accounts

Instead of one big savings account, why not open multiple accounts for specific goals? Think 'Diwali Shopping', 'Goa Trip', or 'New Scooter Fund'. Many Indian banks offer the option to open multiple savings accounts, sometimes even online, making it easier to allocate funds for specific purposes and track your progress.

3. Libraries: More Than Just Books

Libraries are not just for books anymore. They can be your treasure trove for free resources - to access to e-magazines, newspapers, and sometimes even free Wi-Fi, libraries can be your cost-saving best friend. Some larger libraries may even offer access to premium software or host skill-building workshops.

4. Bill Negotiation: A Hidden Gem

Negotiating bills isn't just a western concept. In India, you can actually call up service providers like Airtel, Jio, or your local cable company and negotiate a better deal. Whether it's your DTH, broadband, or mobile bill, companies often have unadvertised plans or discounts, especially if they sense they might lose you to a competitor.

5. 'Micro-Savings' Apps: The Indian Edition

Much like the popular Acorns or Round-Up apps in Western countries, India offers its own versions of micro-savings applications, such as Axio (formerly known as Walnut) and MoneyView. These apps conveniently round up your spending to the nearest ten rupees and save or invest the extra amount. This effortless and automated approach to saving is ideal for those who struggle to regularly set aside significant sums of money.

So, there you have it – some fresh, unconventional ways to give your personal finance strategies a boost. Remember, financial wellness isn't just about cutting costs; it’s about being smart and creative with what you have. Let's turn these ideas into action and watch our financial health flourish!

Stay tuned for more unique money-saving hacks and investment wisdom. Together, we’re paving the way to a more financially savvy tomorrow! 💼🌟




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