February 13, 2024

SIP Calculator

sip calculator

Hello, wise savers!

Are you contemplating whether investing through SIP is worth it? Or perhaps you're pondering over questions like "How much should I invest monthly in SIP?" Well, fret not! Today, we're going to delve into the world of SIP - Systematic Investment Plans - and the handy tool that helps us navigate it: the SIP calculator.

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What is a SIP Calculator?

A SIP calculator is an ingenious online tool designed for investors who use Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs) to save and grow their wealth. It's a calculator that allows you to figure out the value of your investments over a chosen period.

How Does a SIP Calculator Work?

At its core, a SIP calculator embodies a mathematical formula that projects the returns on your SIP based on three main inputs:

  • The monthly investment amount
  • The anticipated annual returns (the tricky part where market predictions come into play)
  • The tenure of the investment

The magic behind how SIP calculators work lies in the power of compounding, which Einstein famously touted as the eighth wonder of the world. This means that not only do you earn returns on your principal amount, but also on the returns that get reinvested.

Is SIP Worth It?

The beauty of SIPs is that they instill a discipline of regular saving and investing, which, over time, can lead to significant wealth accumulation. The power of compounding, as mentioned earlier, works best when given a long runway. That's why SIPs are often touted as a wise choice for long-term financial goals.

How Much to Invest in SIP Calculator

Deciding "how much to invest in SIP" is a personal decision that depends on your financial goals, investment horizon, and risk appetite. The SIP calculator assists you by providing a clear picture of what different monthly investment amounts can grow to over various periods.

What is the Formula of SIP Calculator?

The formula for a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) calculator is used to estimate the future value of regular investments. It's based on the future value of an annuity formula, which takes into account the compounding interest over time. Here's a simplified explanation:

Formula for Future Value of SIP:

FV = P × ({(1+r)^n -1)}/r) × (1+r)


  • FV is the future value of the SIP investments.
  • P is the amount invested at regular intervals (e.g., monthly SIP investment).
  • r is the periodic rate of return (e.g., if the annual return is 12%, then for monthly contributions, r = 12%/12).
  • n is the total number of payments (e.g., if you invest for 5 years, n=5×12 for monthly investments)

How it works:

  • The formula assumes that you're making regular investments (monthly, quarterly, etc.) at a fixed rate of return.
  • The term (1+r)^n inside the brackets represents the compounding factor of each investment made.
  • The ({(1+r)^n -1)}/r) part calculates the total accumulated value of all investments over time, considering the compound interest.
  • Multiplying by (1+r) adjusts the last investment for the interest for the period since it does not earn interest for the full period.
  • The result gives you the future value of your SIP investments, showing you how much your money will grow over the investment horizon.

This calculation helps investors understand the potential growth of their SIP contributions over time, providing a projection of how much wealth can be accumulated by making regular, disciplined investments.

As you venture into the world of SIPs, armed with the knowledge of how SIP calculators work, remember that investing is a journey, not a sprint. It's about consistency, patience, and making informed decisions. So, use the SIP calculator to your advantage, understand "how much monthly SIP should I do," and watch your savings grow.

And there you have it, folks - a simple tool that could potentially pave the way to your financial freedom. Happy investing!




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